370Z Configurator

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Build, customize, and configure your very own 370Z.


Select the engine and differential for your vehicle.


Select your differentials.


All wheel drive, also known as "permanent multiple-wheel drive". Coupled with anti-slip technology that will allow differentials to spin at different speeds, AWD allows the vehicle to maintain the ability to transfer torque from one wheel in case of loss of traction at that particular wheel. Recommended for rougher terrain or winter driving.

All wheel drive

Rear wheel drive allows for better weight balance, no torque steer and better road holding. With rear wheel drive, sideways mode is just around the corner.

Front wheel drive, generally cheaper to build and offers more space inside the vehicle since there is no need for a transmission tunnel. Allowing for few components required means lower weight, which translates to better fuel economy and predictable handling characteristics and improved drivetrain efficiency.

Engine Type

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The standard 370Z engine is 3.7L DOHC V6 that produces 332 horsepower (248 kW). All transmission options are available for this engine.

The NISMO 370Z engine produces 350 horsepower (260 kW) at 7,400 RPM and 276 ft-lb of torque at 5,200 RPM. Transmission choice is limited to a 6-speed manual.

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