Pick our your ideal coffee!

Welcome to our Coffee Configurator! We carry many different blends with varying levels of intensity, roasts, and delicious flavours. To use our Configurator, simply choose your preference of coffee and we''ll show you blends that meet your criteria. If you would like to revise your choice, simply click back and start again. We hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do!


Coffee Intensity

How intense do you like your coffee? It''s a scale, ranging from a gentle presence of coffee to wham-bam in your face wake up intensity. Pick a level of intensity below.

Coffees with a low intensity are mild and easy-going. Light and bright but full of flavour, these coffees are a simple delight any time of day. If you prefer a gentler approach to coffee, this a good place to start.

These coffees are balanced and have a bit of a kick! These range from full-bodied and velvet smooth to more complex nuanced flavours. Our coffees with medium intensity are good all-rounders. A pleasant buzz to get your day going.

These are not for the faint of heart! Our high intensity coffees can knock your socks off but are incredibly flavourful and delicious. For the bold ones who love their coffee deep and dark, rich and mysterious.