Create your perfect engagement ring.

For your one and only, create a custom-designed engagement ring. She''s one of a kind and deserves a ring that suits her perfectly. We''ll guide you through the process so you receive a hand-crafted diamond ring to your exact specifications.


Diamonds are a girl''s best friend. The 4 C''s below will help you choose the right diamond.


Choose a diamond shape.

One of the most popular cuts. Classic, timeless, and brilliant, it''s perfect for the traditional bride or one who loves a very sparkly ring.

Traditional with a modern edge for your princess. A popular diamond cut among many brides because of it''s versatility and sparkle. Its linear shape lends itself well to many modern ring designs as well.

Unique, retro-inspired design to be worn with confidence. Emerald cut diamonds are more susceptible to revealing flaws but big risk can mean big reward.

An elegant choice among sophisticated brides who want a little something extra. Similar to the round cut, it has the ability to really sparkle.

The daring shape of the marquise diamond maximizes carat weight. For a flair of drama, this is the ideal cut as it appears larger than life.

Also known as the cushion cut, it has a blend of curved edges and rounded corners and a princess-cut diamond. It''s a softer shape and effortlessly romantic.

This teardrop shaped diamond is a blend of the marquise and oval. It is a perfect choice for brides who embody many different styles and make their own rules.



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Pick the size of your diamond.


Choose a clarity grade.

Flawless: No internal or external characteristics. Very rare.

Very, very slightly included. Miniscule even under 10x magnification.

Very slightly included. Minor inclusions somewhat easy to see at 10x magnification.


Pick a colour grade for your diamond.

Highest colourless grade. Extremely rare.

Virtually colourless. Very difficult to detect any colour.

Very faint traces of colour detectable by gemologist.

Near colourless grade. Excellent value.

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